Sep 15, 2019

Convert FAT drive to NTFS

1> Go to run or Press windows key + R
2> Type cmd
3> Type : convert x: /fs:ntfs enter here x =drive letter.

Aug 15, 2019

Use Torrent search engine

1> Go to
2> It work as google for torrent movie.
3> Search and enjoy....

Jul 9, 2019

Nokia mobile tricks

Nokia - 3300
Obtain IMEI (Serial) Code*#06#
Firmware Version*#0000# or*#9999#
View Serial No*#92772689#
To activate Enhanced Full Rate (EFR)*3370#
To deactivate EFR Half Rate Mode (HFR)#3370#
To activate HFR*4720#
To deactivate HFR*#4270#
Default Security Code12345
#pw+(master code)+Y#This code is able to check, activate or remove Sim card restriction by using the * key to get the p, + and w chars.

'Y' has to be 1,2,3 or 4 - depending upon which lock you want to deal with.
checking Provider-Lock status#pw+1234567890+1#
checking Network-Lock status#pw+1234567890+2#
checking Country-Lock status#pw+1234567890+3#
checking SimCard-Lock status#pw+1234567890+4#
# MASTERCODE = 1234567890 (master code) is a 10 digit code, based on the phones IMEI number.Every mobile has unique master code

Nokia - 8200
To check IMEI press*#06#
To check the Software Version press*#170602112302#.
If Imagine the cell battery is very low, and an important call is expected what to do there is a a reserve battery in the absence of the charger then to activate the key and recharge the cell again is to press"*3370#"
To deactivate Enhanced Full Rate Codec( EFR)#3370#
To activate Half Rate Code*#4720#
It displays the software version of the phone.*#0000#
To check the phones software version if *#0000# does not work.*#9999#
vodafone this lets you know who called you last time *#1471#.*#147#
Allows you to check the number that "All Calls" are diverted :*#21#
It displays the security code.*#2640#
It lets you see the private number#30#
It reset the phone timers.*#73#
It displays the SIM Clock status.*#746025625#
Manufactures code.*#7760#
Restore factory settings*#7780#
To remember *#WAR0ANTY#*#92702689#

Automate your mobile

You can automate your android mobile by creating rules :
i.e When you tube start, your screen turn to landscape automatic,
     When you receive message onbluetooth, your mobile bluetooth will be on,
     When you plug in headset to mobile, music player will start automatically.
     When it is rainy, remember me to take umbrella.
     When you reach office, trun your mobile on silent mobde automaticaly.

Yes. Above things are possible.

1> Above method is called trigger and action method. 'when this happen, this should be done'.
2> There are too much android application available in play store, on which you can create your own rule or download public created rules.
3> Click on - AutomateIt  to open app. Read description.
4> If you don't know javascript coding, then this application is good for you. Where you can create your own rule(trigger and action) by 'Select and Next' prcoess.
4> There are also same type of automation apps. more apps

5> I am using on{x} (Microsoft Product).You have to download onx from playsotre. For download and create new rules, you have to visit : on{x} from your pc. (Javascript knowledge is required).
6> Documentation!apiPage
7> Rules by Mircosoft!recipesPage
8> Rules by Developers!kitchenPage
9> Blog

May 26, 2019

Lenovo k3 note tips

Add new Home Screen
1>For adding a new home screen, pinch in on the home screen with two fingers.
2>As a result, all the screens will appear in a tile.
3>From here, you can delete or add a screen or make any other screen as home.
4>For deleting any screen, tap on the top right cross and for setting any screen as home, just tap on the blue icon on the center bottom.

Turn on Torch while the mobile is in locked state
1>Vibe user interface allows you to light up the back dual LED lights in emergency to act as a torch. 2>For activate the torch, you don't have to unlock the mobile.
3>Press and hold the capacities home button for 4 seconds.
4>The torch will remain on until you tap on the pink bar on the top of the display.

Lock Apps on Home Screen
1>The Vibe user interface allows you to close any app or all the apps together in a single tap.
2>Click on the menu button to tile all the apps together on the screen.
3>Each app window features a lock and a close button on the header.
4>Tapping the close button will close the app and clicking on the lock icon will lock the app on the desktop.
4>You can boost performance by cleaning apps. For that, tap on the brush icon at the bottom of the display.

Gestures to launch Apps (My favorite. - 5 star)
1>The Vibe user interface also offers an array of gesture-based controls, which lets you launch any application you want even while your device is sleeping.
2>i.e if you draw O on the locked screen, the device will be unlocked automatically and open the calculator app.
3>But for using these features, you need to set applications to the features.
4>Navigate to Settings>>Features>>Screen off gestures and find there are options to set any gesture to any particular app. Select the app and the corresponding gesture to activate.
5>Now you can launch an app directly from the locked screen just by drawing that particular gesture.

Speak snap to take a snapshot
1> Open camera
2> Click on Sound type icon
3> Change to voice.
4> Now be ready to take snapshot of you.
5> Speak snap to take a snapshot.

I have currently bought a new lenovo k3 note.